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The Hauntings of Tondee’s Tavern

The front of Tondee's Tavern

Tondee’s Tavern is a great place to investigate here in Savannah on Southern Flavors Savannah’s Spanish Moss Haunted pub crawl. The building dates back to 1853. The ground floor of this building was used by the Central Banking and Railroad Company. On the upper floor, accessed from the rear of the building, was the offices of Joseph Bryant, the largest and most infamous slave broker/kidnapper of sailors, of the 1850’s in Savannah. Slaves and sailors were occasionally stored in the basement. The slaves/sailors, sailors being shanghaied/ were kept in pens that were located on Factors walk as well as the basement of the the building. Bryant Had a shanghai tunnel connecting the basement of the building to Factor’s Walk. Learn more while enjoying an adult beverage on our Savannah Haunted Pun Crawl.

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