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The Hampton Lillibridge House

a large brick building with a clock on the front of a house

Hampton Lillibridge constructed his home from 1796 to 1799. He had the home built to resemble much of the houses from the time. Unfortunately in 1801 Hampton Lillibridge passed away from yellow fever leaving his wife a widow and his young daughter the home. Mrs.  Lillibridge sold the house. Shortly after it it was boarding house for quite a while and that’s where it’s unsafe repast began. It is said the first death to take place in the house was a sailor who hung himself. After several mysterious deaths the house was sold again and sat empty for many years. In 1969 Jim Williams from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil fame, purchased the home and had it moved from Bryan Street to St Julian where it stands today. He actually bought the adjoining home also, unfortunately it never made it to its new location, it crumbled and fell into a pit before the workers could move it. Three deaths occurred along with that. Jim placed the Lillibridge house on St. Julian Street and started to reconstruct the home bringing it back to its former glory. That’s when all the mischief began. Often you would hear laughter, disembodied voices, tools coming up missing and the workmen would often find bones inside of the walls. One of the most notorious stories of the Lillibridge house is when Jim was out of the country for a buying trip. One of the neighbors called him and said there seems to be a party happening at your house. When he called one of his friends to go investigate the door was wide open. He and two other gentlemen walked in and they heard footsteps above them. They ran to the top floor and one was grabbed by the ankles and pulled towards the fireplace which was just an open pit in the middle of the floor at the time. You can still see the scratch marks on the floor where he was trying to save himself. One of the other two men pulled him to safety, then they ran down the stairs across the street refusing to enter the home ever again. When Jim returned, he decided to make that his permanent residence while waiting for the Mercer House to be finished. Jim became very good friends with the Metro Police Department, often calling for hearing people in his home. Police finally told him that if he kept calling 911 for no reason, they would have to start fining him. After one police officer came and heard footsteps upstairs he ran to follow the sound. It let him to a locked closet door that never opened. When he pulled and tugged for several moments they decided to walk away. Then the door started to slowly open up on its own. Jim actually had the house exercised at one point and it did lessen the activity for about 2 weeks, only for it to return, full force in about a month. Jim could take no more and moved from the property immediately. The house has had several paranormal investigation teams come investigate. They will often find a demonic presence and spirits roaming the building. The house is occupied at the moment but I wouldn’t say that it will stay occupied for very long. The house is often sold within a year of its new tenants moving in.  When you’re in Savannah, and you have a chance to pass by the Lillibridge house, look at the broken bottles along the ledge. It is said to keep the birds away, but it is actually a Voodoo ritual being practiced to ward off evil.  you can’t walk past the Lillibridge house without feeling a certain bit of tension in the air. It’s beautiful widow’s walk and it’s windows look like they are staring down at you. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see the man in the suit with the top hat who still haunts the home today.