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The William Kehoe House, 1892

a haunted mansion

The Kehoe House is the stunning architectural masterpiece of William Kehoe, an Irish immigrant to Savannah. The home was built in 1892 by Mr. Kehoe, a local iron foundry owner. He had the home built for his lovely family, his wife Annie and and their 10 children. If you look at this amazing property, you will notice the home’s architectural style is Queen Anne Revival.  Its exterior stairways, balustrades, window treatments, fluted columns and capitals, fences and gates are all cast iron; a tribute to the iron foundry’s excellence in pattern making and casting.  The family loved the house and the children were often seen playing in and around it. One of the Kehoe children’s favorite games was hide and seek. One day, the children had been playing all afternoon. As the game dissolved, each going their own way, they were called to dinner shortly after. Unfortunately, the two 10 year old twin boys never showed up for dinner. Thinking it’s just a prank, as they were known for, no one was overly concerned. After dinner, the family noticed a chill coming in to the home and decided to light all the fireplaces. The twins, sadly would never return from their hiding spot as they had shimmied up one of the chimneys and died from smoke inhalation. On discovering the death of her two young boys Annie fired all the nurses and nannies. She took to caring for the remaining 8 children herself. Every evening she would tuck them in and kiss their cheeks to check for fever.

After William and Annie passed the Kehoe children eventually sold the home. The property was at one point home to Goette Funeral Home.


While the home has changed owners over the years, and is today a romantic bed and breakfast, the stories remain the same. Talk of hauntings throughout including shadowy figures that creep around corners. Residual hauntings of Mr. and Mrs. Kehoe walking the halls. William likes to turn on the lights and ring the front doorbell. He also on occasion will unlock and open the front door. Annie will not let go of her motherly instincts. She walks up and down the halls of the second and third floors, watching over guests and kissing them on the cheek. Then there are the children. Voices can he heard, and toys brought by visitors will move. Lights will flicker on and off, and footsteps are heard throughout the night.